Every competition has its stars and the Champions League Volley is no different. While some stars excel in defence, and others conduct their teams offence with setting the ball up, it is usually the player that scores the points who dominate the headlines. Each team will have a "go to player", who when the going gets tough will more often than not come to the fore. But how do those point scoring machines compare to each other?

With only two teams remaining in the competition, for the final leader ladder let’s look back at the best performers of the entire tournament starting from the 4th round. To be fair to teams that were eliminated early, for this final edition we will only be considering the per set averages so we can compare players who have played vastly different amount of games.

Points: Wilfredo Leon, 4.96 points per set

Usually the most prolific scorers are opposites, but given the inconsistency at that position this year for Perugia, the scoring load fell onto Wilfredo Leon. He filled the role admirably, scoring efficiently and consistently throughout the season.   

Aces: Nimir Abdel-Aziz, 0.85 aces per set

It’s not too surprising that Nimir topped this list for the Champions League season. He topped the best servers list in the Italian league in a similar fashion, and nobody has figured how to deal with his blistering spin serve when he is on a role.

Blocks: Dmitry Lyzik, 0.9 blocks per set

A young player that caught the attention of volleyball fans this season, Dmitry Lyzik was the most prolific blocker this season. Usually it takes more experience to become a complete blocker, so watch out for Lyzik in future seasons.

Attacking: Norbert Huber, 63.33%

Another young middle doing well, Polish middle Norbert Huber was efficient as the third middle for Skra Belchatow this season. Next year he should be playing a bigger role.

Reception: Dennis Deroey, 38.89%

Dennis held this position as the top receiver for most of the season, and he deserves the top spot in the end for putting his setter in a position to run an efficient offense. Out of 126 passing attempts, 57 were right on the money.

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