Every competition has its stars and the Champions League Volley is no different. While some stars excel in defence, and others conduct their teams offence with setting the ball up, it is usually the player that scores the points who dominate the headlines. Each team will have a "go to player", who when the going gets tough will more often than not come to the fore. But how do those point scoring machines compare to each other?

Here we will see how the scoring charts evolve as we work our way though the competition and highlight the key performances that contribute towards the top 5 at any one moment in time.

With only two teams remaining in the competition, for the final leader ladder let’s look back at the best performers of the entire tournament starting from the 4th round. To be fair to teams that were eliminated early, for this final edition we will only be considering the per set averages so we can compare players who have played vastly different amount of games.

Points: Paola Egonu, 6.44 points per set

You wouldn’t think a team as stacked as Conegliano would need one player to score such a big portion of their points. But Paola Egonu is such a natural scorer that she can remain one of the most efficient attackers while taking a huge number of swings. In-system? Automatic point. Bump set from position 6? Still scoring at over 50%. Another world-class season from Egonu.

Aces: Paola Egonu, 0.7 aces per set

Big surprise, the player who scores over 6 points per match gets a lot of them from her serve. Egonu manages to combine a powerful jump serve that constantly breaks open leads with the consistency to generate long service runs that let Conegliano’s top-notch blocking do the hard work.

Blocks: Chiaka Ogbogu, 1.24 blocks per set

The American middle blocker was the best in the competition by a gigantic margin, almost 50% higher than second place. She had multiple games with over 5 scoring blocks, using her speed to punish out of system high balls better than any other middle blocker.

Attacking: Ekaterina Evdokimova, 62.16% attacking efficiency

The most efficient attackers list was dominated by middles, but the one who stood out at the top of the list was Russian Ekaterina Evdokimova. She was difficult to stop around the net, and used her speed to work around the opposing blockers.

Reception: Ayça Aykaç, 28.47% reception efficiency

The leading libero for Vakifbank Istanbul ended the season on top of the reception charts, and It makes sense given the strength and unpredictable nature of Vakifbank’s offense.

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