2021 Women

The defending champions of NOVARA start on the wrong foot in the semis


Article Wed, Mar 17 2021

A. Carraro Imoco CONEGLIANO continue their winning streak as on Wednesday they outclassed at 3-0 their Italian rivals from Igor Gorgonzola NOVARA. This is the 56th victory for the Black Panthers in a row, and first loss for the NOVARA team after 12 consecutive victories. In the first #CLVolleyW semi-final match, the players coached by Daniele Santarelli were in total control of the game, disappointing the defending champions with precise and determined actions on the field. CONEGLIANO were better in all the components of the game, finishing with 46% efficiency in attack and seven blocks. Team star Poala Egonu was on fire for the Panthers, finishing as best scorer putting 18 points to her name. The decisive re-match between both teams is scheduled for March 23.

Igor Gorgonzola NOVARA v A. Carraro Imoco CONEGLIANO

0-3 (21 - 25, 18 - 25, 17 – 25)

Semi-finals, home match

"We played an excellent game tonight, we digged well and involved all the players in attack. We had an excellent attitude and a team spirit that allowed us to always keep high the level of our game. However, we know that Novara is very strong team and for sure next Tuesday at Palaverde we will have to play another great match to reach the final."

Kimberly Hill
Player of A.Carraro Imoco Conegliano

• Both NOVARA and CONEGLIANO started good on attack and maintained the same level. The key to the better result for Imoco in the first set, were the better performances on block and on the serve (3 blocks in this part). The defending #CLVolleyW champions from Igor tried to react, but Paola Egonu was leading her teammates towards victorious results in this set. The crucial moment in the set was the 8-0 break for Conegliano (3 aces by Egonu).
• It was a close call in the first minutes of the second set, but Egonu together with Fatime Miriam Sylla stepped up their game and established the leadership. Iliaria Battinosini of NOVARA with some good performances helped NOVARA take the lead and tie the score, with Haleigh Washington and Cristina Chirichella pushing hard on attack and in the middle. However, it wasn’t enough as the world club champions reacted quickly and with the result being 17-17, scored a 8-1 break (53% efficiency in attack).
• The guests from CONEGLIANO entered better in the third set, impeccable on attack. The only component that they were lacking excellence at, was the serve, as they made some errors. NOVARA, however, were struggling with their game, not able to find the right rhythm of play. They couldn’t stop Egonu and her teammates to keep building a comfortable point-lead (21-13) and to eventually congratulate themselves with a straight-sets victory.
• Paola Egonu topped the charts with her 18 points, becoming an MVP of the match. Egonu had a 52% attack ratio and scored several break points with her performance on the serve: her actions on the field were crucial both in the 1st and the 2nd set.
• For NOVARA, Caterina Bosetti recorded 13 points (39% efficiency in attack)


“We managed to play “head to head” with our opponents only in the first half of the game, and the worst thing is how we approached the third set after having lost the second one. We have another chance next week but for sure we will need improve a lot in every aspect of our game and to minimize the effect of our own mistakes: when you play so important games, you must be almost perfect”.

Stefano Lavarini
Head coach, Igor Gorgonzola Novara