SEVEN questions with: Ebrar Karakurt


Article Tue, Dec 7 2021

Turkish super star player, Ebrar Karakurt has started a new adventure this summer, deciding to leave THY Istanbul in the Turkish league and move to Italy where she now plays for Igor Gorgonzola Novara.

Photo: Igor Volley Novara Facebook

With Novara, Ebrar is part of Pool C of the CEV Champions League Volley 2022, where they will tough opposition from the likes of VK Dukla Liberec, Dinamo Moscow and her former team, THY.

Photo: Igor Volley Novara Facebook

Question 1: How are you feeling about this season and what do you think are the chances that your team becomes champion at the end of the competition?

Ebrar Karakurt: For sure I think we have chances: it will not be easy, we will have to fight a lot against very strong teams in Turkey and Italy but we can make it. We just have to put on the court all our effort, because we are Novara, we have big tradition and we want a new success after 2019. If we put on the court all our energies, I am sure we can face any opponent. We need to be strong mentally to be ready for such games.

Question 2: What is the most exciting thing about your team going into this new season?

Ebrar Karakurt: For me in this season is new and exciting but if I have to choose just one thing, it’s the girls energy on the court. I love this energy and the friendship between us: I know our team is so young and I want to see what we can do together.

Question 3: Who are the leaders of your team and how would you describe their role?

Ebrar Karakurt: Cristina Chirichella is our captain, she is very ambitious player, she wants to win every game and she knows the team more than anyone else. Caterina Bosetti, I trust her experience, she always looks comfortable on the court and she will help everyone from our team in everything during the season; I think I am a leader too: I have a lot of energy on the court and I think this energy can push the team.

Photo: Igor Volley Novara Facebook

Question 4: Who do you think will be the “surprise” of the season from your team, a player that will impress through their performance on court?

Ebrar Karakurt: Eleonora Fersino, I really love her style. I am sure she will have an amazing season. I want to name also one of my former teammates: Berin Yildrim from THY


Question 5: Who do you will go far in the competition?

Ebrar Karakurt:

SuperFinalist 1: Novara

SuperFinalist 2: Vakifbank

Winner: Novara


Question 6: Who do you believe will be the MVP of the season?

Myself, Ebrar Karakurt.

Photo: Igor Volley Novara Facebook

Question 7: If you were to pick your All Star team of the season at this point, who would you choose?

Ebrar’s choices:

Setter: Joanna Wolosz

Opposite: Isabelle Haak

Middle: Eda Erdem, Zhera Gunes

Spikers: Arinna Fedorovtseva, Gabi

Libero: Gizem Orge