SEVEN questions with: Isabelle Haak


Article Wed, Dec 8 2021

Swedish super star player, Isabelle Haak, has started the new CEV Champions League Volley season with a massive performance in Vakifbank’s home match against Vero Volley Monza.

Scorer of 35 points with a stunning set average of 8.75, Isabelle was the MVP of the match, helping her team to a much needed home win in the first leg of the competition.

Looking forward to the season, Vakifbank and Isabelle Haak will be hoping of reaching the SuperFinals once again and this time take the trophy back to Istanbul.

Question 1: How are you feeling about this upcoming season and what do you think are the chances that your team becomes champion at the end of the competition?

Isabelle Haak: I’m super excited for this season, there are many cups to play for, many good games and a lot of practices to improve our potential. I feel like we are a very strong team with a lot of energy and experience and I believe that we have what it takes to be in the finals and hopefully be champion.

Question 2:  What is the most exciting thing about your team going into this new season?

Isabelle Haak: It’s always interesting and exciting to start a new season, we have a few new players and we’re every day finding a better rhythm and building our team. We have both experienced and young players and I’m looking forward to seeing how we grow together.

Question 3: Who are the leaders of your team and how would you describe their role?

Isabelle Haak: We have many experienced players in our team as I mentioned before and all of these players are taking different roles, and it’s a good balance. Even the young players of our team has gained a lot of experience already from national teams and from Turkish League so I feel like all of us can contribute with different kinds of leadership.

 Question 4:  Who do you think will be the “surprise” of the season from your team, a player that will impress through their performance on court?

Isabelle Haak: Difficult to say, I know everyone on my team very well and how well they all can perform. I’m just curious to see the level we can all reach together.

Question 5: Who do you think will go far in the competition?

Isabelle Haak:

SuperFinalist 1: VakifBank

SuperFinalist 2: Imoco Volley Conegliano

Winner: VakifBank


Question 6: Who do you believe will be the MVP of the season?

Isabelle Haak: We will see!

Question 7: If you were to pick your All Star team of the season at this point, who would you choose?

Isabelle Haak: Hard to say at this point, there are so many great players competing every year so I believe longevity in the competition will most likely dictate who will be selected or voted to be in the All Star team.