Grupa Azoty KĘDZIERZYN-KOŹLE one step closer to defending the #CLVolleyM title


Article Wed, Mar 29 2023
Author: Nika Aurora Ključarić

A true volleyball spectacle was delivered to us on a Wednesday evening and the main actors - Grupa Azoty KĘDZIERZYN-KOŹLE and Sir Sicoma Monini PERUGIA. Zaksa managed to lock in a 3-1 win (25-18, 24-26, 25-19, 25-22) and are now one step closer to the #SuperFinalsTurin.

The winning streak of Perugia has therefore come to an end. Up until this match, Perugia and JASTRZEBSKI Wegiel were the only two teams who have won all of their Champions League matches this season. Now only JASTRZEBSKI stays with their streak.

ZAKSA had a fantastic first set. The guests led only once with 1-0 and then David Smith's fantastic blocks and actions from the wings of Łukasz Kaczmarek and Bartosz Bednorz gave ZAKSA an advantage. Perugia had a very poor reception (only at the level of 29 % of positive reception, while ZAKSA had 47 %). Smith played the end of the set perfectly and in the last two actions Wilfredo Leon made a mistake and the hosts won the set 25-18.

Incredible emotions were served to 3.200 spectators by the volleyball players in the second part. It wasn't clear who would win until the end. With the score at 19-16 for the guests, David Smith entered the action again and with an ace service led to a draw of 19-19. ZAKSA had the first set ball, but despite the passing ball, they got lost in the defense, which Perugia took advantage of and they won by 26-24.

The third set started brilliantly for ZAKSA. After Smith's service ace (the third ace in the match) it was 2-0 and quickly moved up to 7-4. When Plotnytskyi attacked without a block in the throw-in, the advantage of the hosts increased to 5 points (13-8) and ZAKSA kept the advantage until the end and won the set by 25-19.

The last set started once again great for ZAKSA. With 4-0 and 7-3 on the board the advantage quickly moved up to five points (15-10). The Italian team had Simone Gianelli on the serve and they reduced the gap to one point (14-15). The rest of the fourth set was the "show" of Bartosz Bednorz, who finished all attacks or blocked his rivals. The match ended with an effective ZAKSA block at 25-22 and 3-1 in total.

The MVP title was awarded to Bartosz Bednorz, who scored 23 points and played with 59 % effectiveness.

"I am glad that after the second, quite unlucky lost set, we showed again that we can get out of difficult situations and especially today everything went well for me and I am incredibly happy."

Bartosz Bednorz
Player of Grupa Azoty KĘDZIERZYN-KOŹLE

"The match was definitely enjoyable. ZAKSA did not surprise us, but was very effective. We've had too many serve mistakes and unfinished attacks, but both teams still have the same chance of advancing.I think we will win the revenge clash.. Thank you for the excellent welcome and the fantastic atmosphere in Kędzierzyn, as usual."

Kamil Semeniuk
Player of Sir Sicoma Monini PERUGIA

"The serve was totally negative and playing against a team of this level with this type of serve is very difficult. We made so many mistakes without being able to be effective. Then they are clearly a strong team that receives well and plays well. To be competitive in the away match we need to clearly improve the quality of serving and receiving."

Andrea Anastasi
Head coach of Sir Sicoma Monini PERUGIA

"They certainly played well, we weren't able to play our volleyball. We made too many mistakes, if we want to change this semifinal we must definitely play another volleyball."

Simone Giannelli
Player of Sir Sicoma Monini PERUGIA