Vero Volley Milano still leading in the Pool B of #CLVolleyW


Article Tue, Jan 31 2023
Author: Nika Aurora Ključarić

Vero Volley MILANO won today on neutral ground in the Czech Republic against SC "Prometey" DNIPRO with 1-3 (19-25, 18-25, 26-24, 14-25). Vero Volley once again took the new win and is still leading in Pool B with 13 points.

Milano lost the Coppa Italia finals on Sunday in Bologna against Conegliano (3-0) and had to regain the mental energy very fast which they definitely managed to do.

In the first set, Vero Volley took on the early advantage and already had four points of advantage in the very beginning (2-6). Dnipro tried to reduce the advantage with a couple of kill blocks but it still wasn’t enough and Vero Volley was already leading by eight points (9-17). It was only a question of how they were going to close the set and in the end, they had six points of advantage and took the first win in the sets by 19-25.

The second set started similarly to the first one where Vero Volley had five points of advantage in the early beginning (1-6). And they’ve just continued to increase the advantage and they were already up to ten points (4-14). There wasn’t much the Ukrainian team could have done. The set, in the end, finished with 18-25.

The third set was a tough fight between the two teams and Prometey Dnipro managed to get very, very close to the Italians. In the middle of the set the cat-and-mouse type of play was taking place and Ukrainians, in the end, took the matter into their own hands and managed to take a set win from the Italians by 26-24.

In the fourth and last set, we were watching the same type of play as in the first two sets where Vero Volley was leading the game. With four aces and three kill blocks, they were in the lead and already had six points of an advantage early on in the set (6-12) while it only increased as the set was coming to the end (9-19). They closed the whole match with 11 points of advantage (14-25) and deservedly took new points.

Vero Volley MILANO is still in first place in Pool B with 13 points, and SC "Prometey" DNIPRO is in the last, fourth place with two points. The MVP of the match is Dana Rettke with 20 points.

"We are happy with the victory, even if we complicated our performance in the third set of a match that we were managing very well. In the fourth set instead we played our game again, bringing home an important victory. That third set lost marks an excellent performance, given that in the Champions League group every set counts for a lot, but we have to look on the bright side because it is a victory that gives us confidence after the defeat in the Italian Cup."

Beatrice Parrocchiale
Libero of Vero Volley Milano