CLVolleyW All-Star Team Vote: Opposites Nominees

Article Thu, Apr 18 2024
Author: Victoria Georgieva

If you were thinking that there won’t be some #CLVolleyW action in April, you were mistaken. While there are no matches, since we are all looking forward to the cherry on the top of the cake - the #SuperFinalsAntalya, there is still some competition going on. This time around, we have in mind the All-Star Team Vote that is open now to Volleyball fans across the globe. 

The supporters who have been following their favourite Volleyball stars throughout the season in Europe’s elite club competition - the 2023 CEV Champions League Volley, can now cast their vote and help choosing the players who will make it to the All-Star team.

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All you have to do is visit the dedicated webpage and pick players per position. Each position includes four players who have made it to the “preliminary round” chosen by CEV Analysts. 

The four nominees!

We have already got to know better the setters from whom the fans can choose for the #CLVolleyW All-Star team, and today, it’s time to delve into more details about the opposites who are in a race in this online competition. One thing is fore sure - picking a star opposite will be a tough choice, as all the four nominees have done a great job during the season. 

Paolla Egonu (Photo credit: LVF)

Paola Egonu

If you are a real Volleyball fan, there is no chance you haven’t heard the name “Paola Egonu”. The Queen of Volleyball in the recent years, and still only 25 years old, the Italian will compete in her fifth CEV Champions League Volley final - a milestone, that not many have reached! 

The scoring machine was named MVP of the last year’s #SuperFinalsTurin, as she scored the outstanding 40 points in the Big Finale of her now former team - VakifBank Istanbul against Eczacibasi Dunavit. Paola said “Goodbye” to VakifBank just days after lifting the trophy in the competition and moved to Allianz Vero Volley Milano.  

No doubts, she helped a lot to her new team as they wrote a new page in the club’s history by qualifying for a very first time to the #CLVolleyW #SuperFinals. 

Egonu has scored 199 points (5,53 average per set) playing in 10 matches (36 sets) so far this season. Of these 199 points, she has 21 blocks (0,58 average per set) to her name and 14 aces (0,39 average per set).

Isabelle Haak (Photo credit: LVF)

Isabelle Haak 

There can’t be a fans’ voting for All-Star team without one of the biggest stars of today’s women Volleyball - Isabelle Haak. The Swede, who has one Champions League title to her name, won with her former team VakifBank Istanbul in 2022, is a player that each coach would love to have on their roster. Able to score even in the most difficult situations, and counting on “nerves of steel” in important moments, Haak moved to Proseco Doc Imoco Volley Conegliano in 2022. Although the team failed reaching the #SuperFinals in 2023, this time around, the Italians did their job right and are back in the battle for the trophy.

Haak played a pivotal role for this success, scoring an impressive number of points: 221 in 10 matches (36 sets, an average of 6,14 per set). She has recorded 17 kill blocks (0,47 average per set) and 18 aces (0,5 average per set).

Tijana Boskovic (Photo credit: www.eczacibasisporkulubu.org.tr

Tijana Boskovic

27-year-old, Boskovic is already a legend to the Volleyball fans who have seen her shining bright throughout the years. The Serbian is showing great loyalty to her club Eczacibasi Dynavit Istanbul as she joined the Turkish back in 2015/2016. She had a chance to lift the #CLVolleyW trophy in 2023, but lost to VakifBank of Egonu. 

Despite the fact that in 2024, Tijana won’t be in the battle for the gold, she most definitely didn’t disappoint the supporters of the Turkish Powerhouse as she gave her best in the season and is deservedly among the nominees for making it to the All-Star team. 

Boskovic did not leave any doubts over her dominance on the court, finishing as top scorer (before the #SuperFinalsAntalya). The opposite has recorded the outstanding 259 points (11 matches, 42 sets, an average of 6,17 per set). She also has 21 kill blocks (0,5 per set) and 17 aces (0,4 per set).

Krystal Rivers

Krystal Rivers

The USA International is for sure the biggest star of the German Allianz MTV Stuttgart. She joined them back in 2018/2019 and will be leading the squad in the upcoming2024/2025 season as well. 

In 2023/2024, Rivers and her teammates had a nice #CLVolleyW journey, and the opposite definitely played an important role for reaching the quarters and even disappointing the Turkish Giants of Fenerbahçe Opet Istanbul in the first quarter-final between the teams (in that match, Krystal finished with 23 pts.).

Overall, Rivers played in 10 matches (37 sets) and recorded 189 points (5,11 average per set), of which 14 kill blocks (0,38 per set) and four aces (0,11 per set). 

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