CLVolleyW All-Star Team Vote: Setters Nominees

Article Wed, Apr 17 2024
Author: Victoria Georgieva

After a club season, full of thrilling volleyball moments across the continent, we are looking forward to the #SuperFinalsAntalya where the big winners will be crowned on 5th of May. 

Meanwhile, the Volleyball fans take the floor, being in charge of picking the best players - the Volleyball heroes and heroines who shone bright and drove their teams towards successes on the Volleyball stage, inspiring everyone to watch and enjoy the game. 

No matter where you are from or where you are located right now, you can be the one, choosing the All-Star team of Europe’s top club competition: the CEV Champions League Volley 2024.

It’s easy. The CEV analysts made their preliminary choices. You only have to register to the All-Star website and cast your vote.

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Not sure who your pick is?  In the next few days, we will be presenting you the top players who made it to the “preliminary round” - and it will be up to you to help your favourite gain the spot among the best ones.

The four nominees!

Let’s start with the #CLVolleyW setters. 

It is true that the game starts with a good serve and a good reception, but what the result of each action would be, highly depends on the setter - “the one building the game”. Who were the leaders in this aspect in the women’s Champions League, then?

Alessia Orro (Photo credit: Rubin / LVF)

Alessia Orro

Allianz Vero Volley Milano reach the #CLVolleyW #SuperFinals for a first time in their history and the fans of the Italian squad cannot be prouder of their playmaker - Alessia Orro, who delivered (literally) miracles to make this dream happen. Vero Volley’s captain suffered an ankle injury in a crucial moment of the season, just days before a semi-final game against Fenerbahce Istanbul. Orro could recover on time, and with tears of joy, enjoyed at the end of the game, won by the Italians with a Golden Set (15-11).

Throughout the whole season, Orro has been performing very well, and among our four nominees, she has the best statistics: played in eight matches (29 sets), with setter efficiency of 44,80%. She also has one block, four aces, and 20 pts to her name. 

Elif Sahin (Photo credit: www.eczacibasisporkulubu.org.tr)

Elif Sahin

Last year’s #CLVolleyW runners-up, the team of Eczacibasi Dynavit Instabul were close to repeating their qualification also in 2023/2024, but lost in the semis to the team of A. Carraro Imoco Conegliano.

Despite the fact that they didn’t make it to the title deciding match, the Turkish did perform on a high note, with their setter Elif Sahin finding interesting solutions on the court. 

Statistic-wise, Sahin is, in fact, the second-best setter in the group of these four setters’ nominees - she has played in 10 matches (27 sets) with setter efficiency of 43,35%. She finished with four blocks, six aces, and a total of 21 points. 

Joanna Wolosz (Photo credit: Zattarin / LVF)

Joanna Wolosz

Wolosz, one of the world’s best-known setters, has been one of Proseco Doc Imoco Volley Conegliano’s pillars since 2017/2018. 

The experienced Polish had already tasted what it feels like being a champion at the top European club competition, when she was in the driver’s seat at the 2021 #SuperFinalsVerona. 

It looks like that she is more than determined to repeat the success, as she has been delivering a steady performance for her team in the 2023/2024 season. With 41.13% setter efficiency in 10 matches (34 sets), her teammates know they can count on her to always surprise the opponent. Wolosz has also eight blocks, seven aces with a total of 23 points to her name this #CLVolleyW season so far. 

Maja Ognjenovic (Photo credit: Rubin / LVF)

Maja Ognjenovic

A legend of the sport, the Serbian was one of the big transfers on the European Volleyball stage in 2023/2024. Having played for the Turkish Powerhouse Eczacibasi Dynavit Istanbul, Maja moved to Italy where she started a journey with Savino Del Bene Scandicci - and quite a successful one, since the Italians achieved an important milestone. They finished on a first place in their Pool B of Round 4, making it to Top 8 of the competition.

To no surprise, Maja has a lot to do with this achievement as she finished with setter efficiency of 41,76%, playing in six games (24 sets)m finishing with three blocks, two aces, 11 points.

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