Thrilling evening for Savino Del Bene SCANDICCI in the #CLVolleyW


Article Wed, Nov 29 2023
Author: Nika Aurora Ključarić

Wednesday evening marked the first-ever official match between the teams of Savino Del Bene SCANDICCI and Eczacıbaşı Dynavit Istanbul. In the end, it was Savino who took the important 3-1 win (25-14, 25-27, 27-25, 25-23). Even bigger reason to celebrate because the Italians wrote in their 25th match in the CEV Champions League in their history, so this win for them is even more important.

Savino Del Bene, representing the proud volleyball tradition of Italy, entered the fray with a legacy of excellence. With a roster adorned with seasoned athletes and rising stars, they were determined to showcase the finesse and strategic prowess that had become synonymous with Italian volleyball. 

On the other side of the net stood Eczacibasi Dynavit ISTANBUL, a volleyball team with a reputation for tenacity and a squad comprising international volleyball luminaries, and led by an amazing Tijana Bošković.

The first set easily went on the Italian side, but the rest of them were tough ones. With the higher score in the second and third sets, it was known that the fourth set wouldn’t go without a fight. And it for sure didn’t. Although at one point the Italians took the matter into their own hands, the Turkish team managed to get back in the game, and from that point on it was played completely point-by-point. In the end, it was an Italian team who put a stop to the game and took important points.

Savino Del Bene SCANDICCI is now first in Pool B with nine points, and Eczacibasi Dynavit ISTANBUL is second with six points.

"Important match for the standings but there are still three matches to play, so we are only halfway there. In my opinion the most positive thing is how we achieved this victory: we played for 2 hours point to point with one of the strongest teams in the world. We won even when we had to suffer, an important success and now we recover our energy because we have to think about Saturday and the championship away match on a difficult pitch like Pinerolo, but for tonight let's enjoy this beautiful victory."

Massimo Barbolini
Head Coach of Savino Del Bene SCANDICCI

"We are incredibliy happy to win this game because we knew that this team is really strong and they show everytime they play in the turkish League. We’re very proud of us and win against this good teams give us more happiness."

Ekaterina Antropova
Player of Savino Del Bene SCANDICCI

"Today was a really difficult game. We know coming here it’s been a fight, obviously wasn’t successfull but we have a long route ahead of us and I believe in the second round we will be victorious."

Eczacıbaşı Dynavit ISTANBUL