Volero LE CANNET continues on with a winning strike


Article Fri, Dec 1 2023
Author: Nika Aurora Ključarić

In the dazzling arena of France, the spotlight pivoted towards a riveting clash that promised to unfold as a symphony of spikes and blocks – Volero LE CANNET and ŁKS Commercecon ŁODŹ. The air was charged with anticipation, echoing the fervor of fans and the global volleyball community alike.

This was the first time that the Volero Le Cannet met with the Lodz team, and it turned out better than they could have ever hoped for. In a thrilling five-setter, the team from France took the 3-2 win (23-25, 25-18, 25-15, 20-25, 15-7).

Volero controlled the game for most of the match with a good reception and aggressive serves, they managed to put their middle blockers out of the attack and it was easier for them to play. 

On the other hand, ŁKS ŁODŹ had problems with finding tactical solutions to counter Volero’s attacking play. And even though it was all even after the first four sets, the fifth and last set was hard for the players from Poland.

The MVP of the match was Volero’s Lee Dayeong with five points, two blocks and. 33 % attacks. At the moment, the team from France is first in Pool E with seven points, while ŁKS ŁODŹ is third with four points.

"We continued our winning streak in the Champions League which is great. And thanks to our fans and fans from Poland for the great atmosphere tonight here in La Palestre gym."

Danilo Pejović
Head Coach of Volero Le Cannet

"Volero is an amazing team they fighting so much. It was a long game and we was prepare of that but Also lot of fight points. We tried to bé better but Volero is a great team. But the championship is too long, games will be important we will be focus on the next game. Congratulations for them and we will work more for next game."

Amanda Francisco
Outside spiker of ŁKS Commercecon ŁODŹ