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A. Carraro Imoco CONEGLIANO are approaching their second Quarterfinal match with a run of 14 victories in the Champions League, sinc elosing to Igor Gorgonzola Novara in the final of 2019 edition. In total Conegliano ride a winning streak of 51 consecutive games from December 2019. In the Italian League the Italian panthers have done a great feat of winning all 24 matches of the Regular Season, winning the 24th victory on the Chieri field on Saturday. Their Quarterfinal opponent - Savino del Bene SCANDICCI - is the only team in the 2020/21 season to have won two sets against Conegliano, which happened a week ago during the first leg of this phase of the competition. The Venetian team was lost two match points against the Tuscans, before winning the thrilling five-setter.

All of the three matches played in Champions League between Conegliano and Scandicci ended up in five sets. Two of them were won by Conegliano and one by Scandicci. Those three matches were not the only five-set encounters against a fellow-Italian side for Scandicci, who turned every one of their 5 matches against Italian teams in the Champions League to a tie-break.
The hosting team has recovered the injured middle blockers Raphaela Folie and Sarah Luisa Fahr - their full squad will be available to face Scandicci on Wednesday night. The Italian “derby” in The Champions League captured the attention in Italy, as the game will be shown Live on one of the biggest sport channels Rai Sport HD.

Semifinalists to emerge this week


  • All three Champions League meetings between A. Carraro Imoco CONEGLIANO and Savino Del Bene SCANDICCI have been decided in five sets.
  • In the reverse fixture on 24 February, A. Carraro Imoco CONEGLIANO defeated Savino Del Bene SCANDICCI 3-2 in Scandicci. In this match, two players won more than 15 points: Paola Ogechi Egonu (38) and Magdalena Stysiak (28).
  • A. Carraro Imoco CONEGLIANO won 21 points from stuff blocks in the reverse fixture, more than twice the amount of Savino Del Bene SCANDICCI (10).
  • Savino Del Bene SCANDICCI and A. Carraro Imoco CONEGLIANO also met in the 2018/19 fourth round, when both teams won their home match 3-2.
  • All five of Savino Del Bene SCANDICCI's Champions League matches against teams from Italy were completed in five sets (W2-L3).

A. Carraro Imoco CONEGLIANO

  • A. Carraro Imoco CONEGLIANO could reach the Champions League semi-finals for the fourth time, after 2016/17, 2017/18 and 2018/19. Last season, they had won their first leg of the quarter-finals before the season was ended prematurely due to the coronavirus.
  • A. Carraro Imoco CONEGLIANO's best result in the competition is a runners-up finish in 2016/17 and 2018/19. They also finished on the podium in 2017/18 (third).
  • A. Carraro Imoco CONEGLIANO are on a 14-match winning run in the Champions League, since a 1-3 defeat against Igor Gorgonzola NOVARA in the 2018/19 final. Of the 14 wins in this run, 11 came in straight sets.
  • This season, A. Carraro Imoco CONEGLIANO have averaged 3.5 points from stuff blocks per set, a competition high.
  • Paola Ogechi Egonu (125) is A. Carraro Imoco CONEGLIANO's top scorer this Champions League season. Last season, she also won the most points for her team (110).
  • Egonu has collected 14 aces this Champions League campaign, at least nine more than any of her teammates. Her 12 points from stuff blocks are a joint-team high alongside Robin de Kruijf.

Savino Del Bene SCANDICCI

  • Savino Del Bene SCANDICCI are hoping to reach the Champions League semi-finals for a first time.
  • Savino Del Bene SCANDICCI are the only team among this season's quarter-finalists to have started their campaign in the first round.
  • Savino Del Bene SCANDICCI have lost three of their last four Champions League matches, directly following a winning run of eight matches.
  • Magdalena Stysiak (196) is this season's top scorer in the Champions League. Coming into the second leg of the quarter-finals, she has won at least 30 points more than any other player.
  • The last players to reach 200 points in a Champions League season were Melissa Teresa Vargas Abreu (230), Paolo Ogechi Egonu (210) and Jovana Brakocevic Canzian (203) in 2018/19.
  • Stysiak has collected 21 aces this Champions League campaign, at least five more than any other player.
  • Megan Courtney (32%) has the best block efficiency of all players this Champions League season.

“A week ago for the first time in the season we had to play a point-to-point match, with a comeback that made us struggle. It was important for us that the team adapted well to the battle that we have been missing for some time. But it can't always go well, so on Wednesday when we play against a strong and very improved team like Scandicci, we will have to play much better to remove mistakes and play patiently, paying close attention to our reception and aggressiveness at the serve.”

Daniele Santarelli
coach of A. Carraro Imoco CONEGLIANO
A. Carraro Imoco CONEGLIANO

"The first match in Scandicci was very tough, they are an excellent team and they put a lot of pressure on us. We won, but suffering too much, so when we return to Palaverde we absolutely have to play better, with intelligence and patience, removing many mistakes we made last week. We are preparing well to play a great game, our desire is to go through and play the semifinal."

Kimberly Hill
Outside spiker of A. Carraro Imoco CONEGLIANO

"Wednesday's game has left us with some bitterness and a little anger since we were not able to close the game as we hoped to. There is a desire to make up for it, there is a desire to do better. With Conegliano you can play well and lose anyway, it's a very difficult game."

Massimo Barbolini
Coach of Savino del Bene SCANDICCI
Savino del Bene SCANDICCI
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    Christophe LECOURT
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    Via Marconi, 10/C, VILLORBA - TREVISO, 31020 Capacity: 5154



Team Profile
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A. Carraro Imoco CONEGLIANO


Longhena, 1 San Vendemiano
Team Leaders
Outside spiker
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  • 57%
    Reception %


  • Birth Date: 4/7/1990
  • Height: 181 cm
  • Birth Date: 5/4/1994
  • Height: 175 cm
Outside spiker
  • Birth Date: 11/13/1997
  • Birth Place: Rennes
  • Height: 189 cm
Middle blocker
  • Birth Date: 8/19/2000
  • Birth Place: Mostar
  • Height: 192 cm
Middle blocker
  • Birth Date: 5/5/1991
  • Birth Place: Nieuwegein
  • Height: 193 cm
FOLIE Raphaela
Middle blocker
  • Birth Date: 3/7/1991
  • Height: 185 cm
OMORUYI Loveth Oghosasere
Outside spiker
  • Birth Date: 8/25/2002
  • Height: 185 cm
  • Birth Date: 1/8/1987
  • Birth Place: ITALY
  • Height: 172 cm
ADAMS McKenzie
Outside spiker
  • Birth Date: 2/13/1992
  • Birth Place: Texas
  • Height: 190 cm
  • Birth Date: 6/23/1996
  • Height: 185 cm
HILL Kimberly
Outside spiker
  • Birth Date: 11/30/1989
  • Birth Place: Portland, Oregon
  • Height: 193 cm
SYLLA Miriam Fatime
Outside spiker
  • Birth Date: 1/8/1995
  • Height: 184 cm
EGONU Paola Ogechi
  • Birth Date: 12/18/1998
  • Height: 190 cm
FAHR Sarah Luisa
Middle blocker
  • Birth Date: 9/12/2001
  • Birth Place: Kulmbach
  • Height: 191 cm


Head Coach
Assistant Coach
Assistant Coach 2

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Team Statistics

A. Carraro Imoco CONEGLIANO


Savino Del Bene SCANDICCI

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Match Report

Conegliano cruise to the semi-finals with another win


A. Carraro Imoco CONEGLIANO continue their winning streak in the Champions League, after beating Savino del Bene SCANDICCI in their second quarter-final meeting this season. Both teams were known for delivering a five-setter battles when facing each other in this competition, with the first leg encounter being no different in that respect. But Conegliano proved to be determined to secure their semi-final spot without challenges, as they delivered a flawless straight-set result against their fellow Italian team.

The second leg match between A. Carraro Imoco CONEGLIANO and Savino del Bene SCANDICCI started as heated as the previous match ended. The two teams battled point by point through first half of the set, Scandicci coming in strong with their serves and Conegliano responding with excellent attacks. A block by Folie on Stysiak sets a decisive point for the home team and forces coach Massimo Barbolini to call the first time out of the game at 20-17. He is forced to use another time out soon after as long action puts Conegliano 22-18. The first point of the entire season by Caravello and a spike by Egonu hand the first set to Conegliano at 25-20.

Early in the second set Conegliano get ahead of the game with four consecutive serves by their middle blocker Folie, who also shines with a couple of powerful defensive moves. Mistakes by Scandicci allow the home team to keep scoring and at 11-8 coach Barbolini calls his first time out. But Conegliano keeps increasing the lead throughout the set, excelling both in defense - thanks to amazing actions by libero De Gennaro - and in attack, with Asia Wolosz sending her spikers to attack with no block on multiple occasions. Scandicci call another timeout at 18-12, when Paola Egonu scores with a powerful spike at the end of a long rally. Conegliano didn’t leave anything to chance and gained their biggest lead yet at 23-15, before sealing the deal with Egonu and Hill at 25-17.

The path to keeping their chances alive became very steep for Scandicci at the beginning of the third set, but coach Barbolini didn’t give up and tried to motivate his team. In a bid to stop the series of points scored by Conegliano early on, Barbolini called a time out on 6-3. Conegliano showed off some of their best plays, their defense making the difference, but Scandicci slowly thins out the home team's advantage and coach Santarelli calls his first timeout of the game at 19-18. Coach Barbolini follows shortly with another timeout after Conegliano rebuilt some of their advantage 21-18. Despite the incitement from the coach, Scandicci made a couple of fatal mistakes at the end of the set and Conegliano deservedly gained the qualification to the semi-finals, winning 25-20.

  • Kimberly Hill was named MVP of the match, scoring 13 winning spikes with 45% efficiency

  • Paola Egonu was the top scorer of the match with 16 points

  • On the other side of the net Magdalena Stysiak scored 13 points for Scandicci

  • Conegliano outscored Scandicci in block, with 5 points collectively to 3 of their opponent

Joanna Wolosz, setter of A. Carraro Imoco Conegliano: “We are so happy after this game, also because we played really well. It was a very different game from the first one and we are so happy to be in the semi-finals. I am proud of my team, because we showed character and our best volleyball.”

Massimo Barbolini, coach of Savino del Bene SCANDICCI: “Congratulations to Conegliano, because they played a really good game. They blocked well, defended a lot and were not making mistakes in crucial moments. It’s a well-deserved victory on their part. For our part, we must understand that against certain rivals we must have the humility to try to do simple things: we did them in the first leg very well, tonight we didn't. When you play against such a strong team, it is obvious that when they put pressure with their game, such a result is normal.”

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The combined total number of points scored by both teams throughout the entire match.


The total length of the match, from the first serve through until the last point has ended.


Total number of people in attendance at the venue – taken at the end of the second set.

Match Spikes

The combined total number of successful spikes achieved by both teams throughout the entire match.

Reception Level

An average of the two team service reception percentages from the complete match.

Net Domination

The number of successful point winning blocks of A. Carraro Imoco CONEGLIANO compared to Savino Del Bene SCANDICCI.

Ace Count

A. Carraro Imoco CONEGLIANO number of service aces compared to Savino Del Bene SCANDICCI

Error Difference

Errors leading to points of A. Carraro Imoco CONEGLIANO, next to those from Savino Del Bene SCANDICCI