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    Via Fersina, Loc. Ghiaie, TRENTO, 38100 Capacity: 4159

TRENTINO Itas - Grupa Azoty KĘDZIERZYN-KOŹLE (16 Mar 2023)



  • Grupa Azoty KĘDZIERZYN-KOŹLE defeated TRENTINO Itas 3-2 in the first leg in Poland on 7 March. Lukasz Kaczmarek was the top scorer on 23 points for the home side. Matey Kaziyski had 21 points for the visitors.
  • Last week's success for Grupa Azoty KĘDZIERZYN-KOŹLE tips the balance of Champions League encounters between the sides in their favour. The Polish side have now won six to TRENTINO Itas' five.
  • These sides have only met at the knockout stage of the Champions League on two previous occasions, the final in 2021 and 2022. Grupa Azoty KĘDZIERZYN-KOŹLE won in both years; 3-1 in 2021 and 3-0 in 2022.
  • Grupa Azoty KĘDZIERZYN-KOŹLE lost both matches against TRENTINO Itas in this season's Champions League group stage: 1-3 in Italy and 2-3 in Poland. Alessandro Michieletto (21) and Lukasz Kaczmarek (21) were their team's top scorers in the match in Trento and Bartosz Bednorz (23) and Michieletto (20) in the match in Poland.
  • These sides have won five of the last 13 Champions League titles. TRENTINO Itas were known as TRENTINO Volley / BetClic for their three from 2008/09 - 2010/11.
  • Daniele Lavia, Alessandro Michieletto, and Riccardo Sbertoli (TRENTINO Itas) are likely to again be in opposition of Lukasz Kaczmarek, Marcin Janusz, Aleksander Śliwka (Grupa Azoty KĘDZIERZYN-KOŹLE), just like they were in the final of the 2022 World Championships in Katowice on 11 September. Italy beat Poland 3-1 in that final.


  • Before last week's quarter-finals first leg TRENTINO Itas had won each of their six group stage games, dropping only four sets. Three of those sets came against Grupa Azoty KĘDZIERZYN-KOŹLE across two group stage matches.
  • The last time TRENTINO Itas lost the first leg of a Champions League knockout phase game was as TRENTINO Diatec in 2017/18. They went down 1-3 at Cucine Lube CIVITANOVA in the first leg of their Playoff game before losing the second leg 2-3 at home.
  • TRENTINO Itas have progressed from all three of their previous quarter-final appearances (2008/09, 2020/21 and 2021/22).
  • Of the teams in this season's quarter-finals, only Sir Sicoma Monini PERUGIA (85%) have a higher winning percentage in Champions League history than TRENTINO Itas (77%).
  • TRENTINO Itas can become the third team to win the Champions League the season after finishing as runners-up, after Zenit KAZAN in 2011/12 and Cucine Lube CIVITANOVA in 2018/19.
  • Alessandro Michieletto is the team's top scorer this season on 90 points. He was the Champions League top scorer in 2021/22 on 181 points. In 2020/21 Nimir Abdel-Aziz (TRENTINO Itas) was the leading Champions League scorer on 209 points.


  • Grupa Azoty KĘDZIERZYN-KOŹLE can become the third side this century to win three successive Champions League titles following TRENTINO Volley / BetClic (now TRENTINO Itas) from 2008/09 - 2010/11 (3) and Zenit KAZAN from 2014/15 - 2017/18 (4).
  • In Grupa Azoty KĘDZIERZYN-KOŹLE's previous two seasons they only lost four Champions League matches (2 in each season) on their way to the title. This season they have already lost three (including both group stage matches against TRENTINO Itas).
  • Grupa Azoty KĘDZIERZYN-KOŹLE have won each of their last seven Champions League knockout ties (including an awarded tie against Dinamo Moscow in 2021/22) since a a 4-5 aggregate loss against Kuzbass KEMEROVO in the quarter-finals of 2019/20 (last fixtures before the competition was halted due to COVID-19).
  • Grupa Azoty KĘDZIERZYN-KOŹLE (102) are the only team to have scored more than 100 points from kill blocks in this Champions League campaign.
  • Lukasz Kaczmarek is this season's top Champions League points scorer with 173 points. That is already more points than their top scorer in both their last two title-winning seasons had; Kamil Semeniuk (168 in 2020/21 and 150 in 2021/22).

“The first leg’s match was highly-fought, and there were plenty of overturns, but it has given us a result that allows us to go on with the race to the qualifications and gives us a few more chances. We will have to play a tough game to prevail over a very close team that always plays powerful volleyball and never drops below a certain level. We will give everything because we want to continue our European run.”

Angelo Lorenzetti
Head Coach of Trentino ITAS


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Via G.B.Trener 2 TRENTO


phone +39 0461 42 13 77 email segreteria@trentinovolley.it
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Outside spiker
  • Birth Date: 1984
  • Birth Place: Sofia
  • Height: 203 cm
NELLI Gabriele
  • Birth Date: 1993
  • Birth Place: Lucca
  • Height: 210 cm
Middle blocker
  • Birth Date: 2001
  • Height: 205 cm
Dzavoronok Donovan
Outside spiker
  • Birth Date: 1997
  • Height: 202 cm
Outside spiker
  • Birth Date: 2001
  • Height: 211 cm
  • Birth Date: 1998
  • Birth Place: Milano
  • Height: 190 cm
Outside spiker
  • Birth Date: 1996
  • Height: 198 cm
PACE Domenico
  • Birth Date: 2000
  • Height: 182 cm
Middle blocker
  • Birth Date: 2003
  • Height: 204 cm
  • Birth Date: 2003
  • Height: 176 cm
LAVIA Daniele
Outside spiker
  • Birth Date: 1999
  • Birth Place: Cariati
  • Height: 200 cm
Middle blocker
  • Birth Date: 1987
  • Birth Place: Novi Sad
  • Height: 204 cm
Middle blocker
  • Birth Date: 1992
  • Birth Place: Kraljevo
  • Height: 205 cm


Head Coach
Assistant Coach

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All Semi-Finalists of the #CLVolleyM are known! JASTRZEBSKI Wegiel, Sir Sicoma Monini PERUGIA, and Halkbank ANKARA qualified on Wednesday and today Grupa Azoty KĘDZIERZYN-KOŹLE joined the big four.

Volleyball fans had an opportunity to enjoy the real thriller, as well as the big crowd in Trento. Tonight was the fourth match of the season between the two teams, the sixth in the last 24 months, and the 14th in total in the history of the two clubs. The tally now stands in a perfect tie: 7-7.

In the first set, Trentino took the initiative and went into the early lead (8-4) but soon enough Zaksa closed onto them (10-9). But this wasn’t enough. Zaksa was either just a little behind or they equalized with Trentino, but they never went in the lead in this set. Trentino closed the first set by 25-19 and with two aces written in their records.

The second set was a whole different story. It was a typical cat-and-mouse type of play where they were chasing each other for the score. And for reaching the Semi-Finals… Trentino managed to “get away” from Zaksa (10-6 and 17-11) but then a plot twist! Zaksa turned over the result and equalized the whole match, again (22-22)! The Polish team took the well-deserved set win by 23-25.

The third set definitely wasn’t for the faint of heart. Although it began calmly with a few points difference, soon enough it turned into a real thriller. It was played completely point-by-point (from 15-14) up until the very end. With a play like this, they soon reached 25 points and there was still no winner. So they continued playing. A couple of times Trentino had a chance to take the set advantage, and a couple of times Zaksa but in the end, the Polish guys managed to turn everything around and locked another set by 27-29.

Trentino knew that they had to win the fourth set if they wanted to have any chances of going through to do the Semi-Finals and they used that motivation in this set. Although they were quite equal with Zaksa, they took that strength and won the fourth set by 25-21.

The fifth set was the last chance for Trentino, in order to go to the Golden set and a last chance for Zaksa to put an end to the whole match and avoid the Golden set. But, Trentino did manage to take a win in the fifth set (15-12) and a Golden set was required. And after the 15 points the winner was Zaksa and they are advancing through to the Semi-Finals of the #CLVolleyM!

The MVP of the match was Grupa Azoty Kedzierzyn-Kozle opposite Lukasz Kaczmarek, author of 27 points with 50 percent, one ace, and three blocks. On the other side, Kaziyski was the best scorer scoring one more point with three aces and a block.

For the third season in a row, Zaksa has thus qualified for the semifinals of the CEV Champions League and in late March Perugia will be able to play its chances to gain access to a new Final, in case the third consecutive one.

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